quinta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2009

STAND - The lads make great music!

The most exciting thing about the internet is the way one can use it as an efficient tool to find out the best of the things we love. If you´re open minded you can expand your universe of ideas, as well as feeding your soul, by going to a specific subject´s web site. You can also do what everybody does: To "google" your curiosities.

There’s not a more democratic place than the internet. It’s true, we may also need to make the most accurate judgment once internet places the best as well as the worst.

I’ve meet some great musicians and writers through the internet. With many of them I became good friends and since then, their artistic language has been a part of my life. Sometimes I find them, sometimes they find me.

One of the outstanding bands I knew lately - thanks to internet - was the Irish Stand, formed by Carl Dowling (drums/percussion), Alan Doyle (voice/guitar), Neil Eurelle (voice/bass) and David Walsh (guitar/keyboards).

The first Stand’s song I listened was Slave to the weekend and I was immediately praised. The lyrics make me wonder about the time we waste just being a sketch of the person we could be. From the dazzling melody to Carl’s syncopated drumming, this song is like a leap in the dark. I also can’t forget to mention that Alan’s voice is perfect for this combination of good music and inherent lyric

Alan and Neil share the main vocals from Stand’s repertory. On Hang me Neil leads the song bringing smooth backing vocals, which help to create an almost melancholic atmosphere. It’s a meaningful song. Walking with ghosts is one of the several Stand’s tunes very inspired compositions, one that can draw the band’s musical biography, as well as Dressed to kill, Questions, Retro Generation, and the beautiful Laying Low.

Stand - Slave to the Weekend

Click HERE to check the Slave to the Weekend's lyric.

David and Carl are the Stand’s primary songwriters, as long as all the other members contributions. Together with Neil, they formed the Stand, later on; Dave invited his cousin Alan, once he was already familiar with his singing.

Stand had already released five albums, Correspondent (1999), Beautiful Grey (2001), Intervals (2002), Transmissions (2005) and the refreshing Travel Light (2007) and they are already working on a new one.

Nowadays, once armed with the right media tools and money sponsor, anybody can be called an ‘artist’ and make lots of money for the people involved in this process. Success is good as well as the money, but the audience knows who comes to stay and Stand did, because their music is genuine, powerful and it’s clear that these guys really like to do what they do.

Stand has been working to take their music to worldwide, using the internet as partner in this process, besides touring other countries.

Ireland can be Stand’s birthplace, but certainly the world is the stage they deserve.

You can check information about Stand and listen to their songs on:

Official Web Site: www.standland.com
Reverb Nation: www.reverbnation.com/stand
Facebook: www.facebook.com/stand4

Stand - Little Sweet Lucifer

English version reviewed by Daniel Oliveira. Click HERE to check the Portuguese version.

quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2009

Um ano sem LeRoi Moore

No dia 19 de agosto de 2008, a morte levou pela mão o membro fundador e saxofonista da Dave Mathews Band, LeRoi Moore. Hoje, quando se completa 1 ano da sua ausência, a presença desse artista é celebrada, assim como a gratidão pela sua contribuição com a sua música é eminente.

Beatriz Azevedo

O site Crônica do Dia traz hoje um texto sobre a compositora, cantora, poeta e atriz Beatriz Azevedo.

Confira: www.patio.com.br/cronica.

terça-feira, 11 de agosto de 2009

Batuka! Brasil 2009... Como foi?

Se você quer saber o que aconteceu na 11 edição do festival Batuka! Brasil, visite o site atualizado: